The Havana Silk Dog is an amazing breed that is devoted to their family.  They enjoy being with the people in their life.  They live a long and healthy life due to the strict testing requirements of the dams and sires before being authorized to breed.   Our puppies are raised in our home with our family.  They want nothing more than to be with their families.

Reasons NOT to have a Havana Silk Dog.

  1.   Brushing, combing and grooming are too time consuming.
  2.   You are a marathon runner or cyclist and want a dog to go with you.
  3.   You don’t like dogs in your lap.
  4.   You currently have a puppy under one year of age.
  5.   You have a very busy family with no time to monitor or protect a puppy.
  6.   You are not committed to loving and caring for a dog for 12-16 years.
  7.   You primarily want to teach the responsibility of a dog to your children.
  8.    A puppy would be left alone all day while the family is away.
  9.    The idea of a velcro dog is unappealing.
  10.    Read item number one again.